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It is our hope that this website and our stories will become a place of solace for you. A place where you can be you…The Woman Who God Sees.

How Sister Chix Began

Our story began on December 31, 2013 when I (Jillian) was feeling the pain of the grief in my life. My mother had just passed away due to Alzheimers. My father passed away two years before her from cancer, and of course, my husband who died in my arms 5 years before my father passed. I was in a season of grief. So rather than feeling sorry for myself, I had the idea to make dinner for all the ladies I knew who were also alone for New Years Eve.

The table was filled with lovely ladies who, too, were in a season of loneliness and grief. We shares prayer, food, tears, stories, laughter, and the problems that go with suddenly finding ourselves being left in the world to manage on our own. Some of us had children and some didn’t. But what we all had in common was the pain of grief.

As the evening started to come to an end, one of the ladies (April) said “this was great, we should do this on a regular basis. We could call ourselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” which came from the movie from the same name. As April started to explain the story line to the group, suddenly someone (I think it was me, Jillian) came up with the name Sister Chix and so the name was born.

Since that night in 2013, we have met each month for dinner, fellowship, a devotional, prayer and, of course, dessert which one of the ladies (Donna) turned into a “rule” for the group…no dessert until after we have our devotional.

We have had sisters come and go from the group but currently we are up to 8 ladies who look forward to our monthly gatherings. We talk over issues we are dealing with, share our lives and prayer requests, celebrate our birthdays and pray over the anniversaries of our losses.

We believe that it was through God’s sovereign care and love for us that this group was brought together. We believe He saw a group of hurting women who needed each other and He made it happen. God brings who He wants to the group and we minister to each other. God is always the focus of the group. We lean on Him for everything. We trust Him for everything. We love Him dearly and we strive to help each other get closer to Him and to cling to Him. He has does amazing things in our lives and we look forward to continue walking with Him until He says our journey is over.

Our Goal

Our goal was never to start a ministry; our goal was to have a one-night dinner together on a night when most couples were out together celebrating the new year.

But God has allowed it to continue and grow. So we thought, perhaps other women and churches could benefit from what God gave us.

So our goal is to spread this ministry nationwide and provide churches with our resources to help them start their own group for widows and divorced women at no cost. Just to give God the Glory for what He has done for us. God gave us each other to make it through what was the most difficult time of our lives. We just want to share His gift with you.

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Though we are a fun group, there is also a serious side to us. Because of the personal nature of what we share with each other, we stress confidentiality within our group.  Members need to be committed to maintaining confidentiality outside the group.

It’s important that the group be composed of women who want to show mercy, grace, love, and support as we help each other grow through our pain and grief.

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Ministry Oversight

Sister Chix is a ministry of Christ Evangelical Free Church.

Visit their website at www.christfc.net

Sister Chix Mission

Our mission is to support each other through acts of service, emotional support, sharing meals, devotional time and prayer, and encouraging each other to fully trust and depend on the Lord for all our needs.